Sunday, May 3, 2015

Breaking up not so hard to do this year

Potato Island basin with West Narrows at top

Middle Narrows with Marten Bay at top right

The Stretch off Forestry Point, still mostly ice

Howey Bay with ice road melted through, open along shore
Enid Carlson forwarded these aerial photos showing the ice breaking up in Red Lake on Saturday. Thank you, Enid and pilot husband Hugh!
Summer-like temperatures and a pretty decent wind are quickly destroying the remaining ice in the lake. As reported by pilot Dave McCleod earlier, the west end of Red Lake is open all around Bow Narrows Camp.
The biggest bays, like the Stretch off Forestry Point as well as Howey Bay, will probably take a few more days to clear. If so, that would make official ice-out about May 6.
Speaking of Enid and Hugh, last fall they sold Viking Island Lodge on Douglas Lake to Vito Tarantino of Red Lake. Hugh will continue as chief pilot for Viking Island and Viking Outposts and Enid plans to be in camp a couple of days each week this summer.
We welcome Vito and his manager, Mel, to the fishing and hunting business and wish them the best of luck in this, their first year. Vito has a well-known welding and fabricating business in Red Lake and in fact is the person who made us a trailer for our former 30-foot inboard ChrisCraft, the Raven Quill.
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