Saturday, March 7, 2015

We will have some drift socks to try this summer

Greg Tanko back trolls with drift sock out. Roy Windhorst photo
I have ordered a few drift socks or sea anchors to let people try out this summer.
Several of our angler groups now bring their own and everyone has loved how they slow down your troll or drift.
For trolling, tie the sock to the bow of the boat and then back troll at the slowest speed.
 The same positioning can be done for drifting. Manoeuvre the boat upwind of where you want to fish, cut the motor and toss out the drift anchor. This will also keep you bow-on to the wave direction. You can also  tie the sock amidships which will make the boat drift broadside to the wind, an even slower drift if the waves aren't too high.
Cabela's drift sock
The drift socks accomplish the same slow movement of an electric trolling motor without the hassle and weight of the electric motor and 60-pound battery. And there is nothing to re-charge! It will take remembering to bring the sock back into the boat before moving to a location.
I should note that most people find our 20-hp, electric-start Honda's troll fine, all by themselves. But some people want an ultra-slow presentation.
There is no charge for using one of the drift socks. If you would like to reserve one, just drop me an e-mail.
We also have electric trolling motors for rent. The motor and battery costs $50 per week. You can also just rent a battery to use with your own electric motor for $25.

Mike Lundy caught rare smallmouth while drifting with sock out

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