Saturday, January 3, 2015

New conservation fishing net in action

Ken Chipongian nets fish one-handed. Photo by John Andrews
Wish I had found this photo when I wrote about our new conservation fishing nets a few postings ago. It is a great action shot of a single angler, in this case Ken Chipongian, netting a big fish by himself. As you can see the long handle of the Lucky Strike conservation net allows him to hold the net under one arm while he deals with his fishing rod and reel.
Ken was fishing at camp the first week last season and by the looks of it, was anchored and probably using dead bait when photographed by angler John Andrews.
You can read more about the conservation net's attributes by clicking here.
It is the most impressive net I have seen and will be in all our boats in 2015.
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Anonymous said...

these are outstanding nets for all the reasons mentioned by dan. in addition the netting material makes for easy hook release without entangling. also the nets are not excessively deep so keeping fish in the water while removing hooks is very manageable especially for senitive lake trout. ken chipongian 1/7/2015