Friday, January 30, 2015

Last chance to confirm 2015 reservations

The organizers of all groups coming to camp this summer should have either received an e-mail or a letter from me by now. Most of these were sent out in early-to-mid-December. If you are such a person and have not heard from me, something is wrong. Maybe, we had the wrong e-mail or street address for you. You need to contact me immediately, either by e-mail:  or telephone: 807-475-7246. Mail is too slow at this point. It takes us about two weeks to get a letter from the U.S.
I will attempt to call all such people -- group organizers -- who haven't yet given us deposits on their trips next summer. We need to know immediately if you are still planning to come to camp because there are people waiting to take your cabin if you aren't going to use it.
If you are among those people waiting, keep an eye on the Reservation Availability the next couple of weeks. There will probably be some openings popping-up in June and July.

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