Friday, December 12, 2014

Top pike anglers make own lunker lure

The blank lure

Luminescent eye is painted

Finished product -- a delicious little walleye
Tom Cieplik, the young man whose one-week catch of monster northern pike made everybody's jaws drop on this blog a couple of seasons ago and his father Carl may be on to something. And knowing the Cieplik clan, it's probably on to something big.
Tom just sent me this e-mail:


Last year we hooked many walleye, and our lines became heavier a number of times while reeling them in. Trophy Northern pike made a meal of our walleye nearly 10 times last year. This is by far the most that it has happened to us since coming to Bow Narrows Camp. Loving to cast for big pike, and without a walleye pattern lure, my dad and I took on a winter project of creating our own walleye. This is what we came up with. Look forward to giving this a try this year.
(Added glow and the dark paint to the eyes and tip of the tail)

Tom Cieplik" 

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