Saturday, November 1, 2014

The one thing most fishermen forget to pack

My pocket kit I always carry in my hunting vest
Today's angler is certainly well-outfitted.
He has multiple rods and reels. He has the latest fish/depth finder. His tackle box is stuffed with every lure on the market.
So what could he possibly have forgotten?
It becomes apparent the first time he gets nicked by the razor-sharp teeth of a northern pike, or jabbed with the dorsal fin of a walleye or poked with a hook or cut with a piece of line.
He has nothing to stop the bleeding!
It seems no one carries a first-aid kit any more.
And to make matters worse, a great many of boomer-age anglers are also on blood thinners. They bleed easily and a lot from the most minor gash.
Actually, what is needed isn't the entire first-aid kit, just a bunch of bandages and a tube of antiseptic cream. These take up very little room packed in a ziploc and stored in the bottom of a tacklebox.
If you forgot the antiseptic, head to shore and find a balsam fir. (See the First-aid tree).
Virtually every fisherman is going to suffer some nicks and lacerations out there. For one thing, your hands are soft just from dipping them in the lake so often. If you patch up these wounds on the spot they never get sore and bothersome.
It's also a good idea to have one full-fledged first-aid kit back in the cabin for the entire group in case there is a more serious injury.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is something I do every time I come to camp. I have a zip-lock bag with bandages and antiseptic. As you stated, every angler will get a nick or cut while out on the water. As for myself, being one of the boomer's, I am on blood thinners. The smallest of cuts can bleed for what seems like a very long time. Better safe than sorry.
Dave M.