Friday, October 31, 2014

Old camp phone and number bite dust

For over 40 years our phone number at camp was 807-727-2730 but that has now come to an end with a final breakdown of this type of phone system.
Bell had offered and then maintained the remote microwave telephone network that several camps and individuals used in the Red Lake region. It was always a party line but over the years the system was refined so that you could not hear others' conversations; you just got a busy signal when you went to use the phone. It replaced the old walkie-talkie or CB-type of radio phone we had used in the 1960s.
Motorola made the equipment and we had several large boxes of electronics in a building we called the radio shack. The equipment has been obsolete for about a decade. We were told a few years ago that if anything ever broke again, that would be the end. Well, it broke some time in September or early October.
Fortunately, we have another telephone system at camp -- a cell phone that picks up a signal from Red Lake via an external antenna and then boosts that signal with an amplifier. It is considerably simpler than the old microwave system and has worked extremely well since we started using it a few years ago.
That phone number is 807-727-0439 and is our only summer phone number now.
However, if you want to remember only one phone number for us, remember our winter number: 807-475-7246.
It will always reach us any time since we forward calls from that number to wherever we are, including camp.
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