Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last year's freeze-up caught on trail camera

The scene as we left camp in the Lickety Split, Oct. 17

Moose gets a drink from point in early November

Still some open water the day before freeze-up, Nov. 19

Ice extends all the way across narrows, Nov. 20,  and never melted until May
My brother-in-law, Ron Wink, left his trail camera set at camp last fall (2013) and it recorded nearly half of the winter before its batteries went dead in late January. In particular, it witnessed the actual freeze-up of the narrows in front of camp.
Ron had set the camera to take a photo every five minutes during daylight hours.
The sequence began when we left Oct. 17. Not much changed for a couple of weeks except for some snows that came and went. Eventually the snow just stayed.
Also ice formed and melted along the shoreline several times. Finally, in mid-November, it stayed along the shore all day and started edging toward the center. On Nov. 20, the ice reached all the way across the narrows and never melted again.
The camera also recorded temperatures and it was remarkable to see it was -40 C (or F, both scales come together at -40) in early December. That is extremely cold for so early in the winter.
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