Thursday, September 18, 2014

Frosty morning; trout to spawn soon

Cabin #5 with frost on the roof
There was a heavy frost here last night. The lake is cooling off rapidly and it won't be long before it reaches the 10-12 C that will trigger lake trout to spawn.
Pipestone Bay, north and upstream of camp, is Red Lake's main spawning location. Yesterday and this morning I have seen lake trout swirling on the surface in the narrows in front of camp as they swim past on their way to Pipestone.
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources biology crews have started stockpiling equipment on the dock in preparation for gathering eggs from Red Lake trout, something they have been doing for 10 years now. Those eggs will be raised at the Dorion fish hatchery and be returned to the lake 18 months later.
Red Lake's trout population is slowly rebuilding after plummeting in the late 1990s.

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Steve Ozark said...

Wonder why the trout seek Pipestone as the primary place to spawn? Must be awesome to see those beauties swimming by your docks!