Friday, August 22, 2014

Ursus americanus crosses the narrows

This black bear (Ursus americanus) was caught on camera by angler Bob Preuss today as it swam across a narrows in Red Lake near Bow Narrows Camp.
As the second photo shows, Mr. Bear lost no time getting back on dry land and out of sight.
We're still seeing about equal numbers of bears and moose. Normally moose sightings would far outnumber bear.
Although bear numbers are up and moose down all over Northwestern Ontario, there were lots of moose last summer and the scarcity of sightings this year are probably more to do with the weather than with drastic population changes.
It has been wonderfully dry which has eliminated most of the biting insects that can send moose streaming to the lake for relief. It also has been cool at night and warm-but-seldom-hot in the day. Again, moose are more inclined to stay in the shade in such weather and not come all the way out to the lake. In very hot temperatures moose will spend most of the day right in the water.
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