Sunday, July 27, 2014

Seen today along Red Lake Road

These bears seem to be eating wildflowers
Lonnie Boyer snapped some great shots of bears along Hwy 105, the Red Lake Road, today on her group's way to camp. This mother bear had three cubs. It's rare for a bear to have more than two.
Our guests are seeing more bears than normal, both along the highway and also while fishing here at camp. It seems we are seeing more bears than moose this summer.
A couple of our anglers spotted a bear swimming that was blond in colour. They described it as the same tone as a golden retriever.
By the way, fishing last week was excellent. I heard several long-time guests comment that it was the best fishing ever for them. Lots of big walleye and northern pike were caught.
The weather too was spectacular. This entire summer has been blessed with warm-but-not-hot temperatures in the daytime and very cool weather at night. We have had very little rain.
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