Monday, July 28, 2014

Nice lake trout caught and released today

Loren Conkle shows off a beautiful, plump, 34-inch lake trout
Jerime Williams got a sleek 37-incher
The Conkle-Williams group, in camp this week, are one of the few any more who try deep lake trout fishing. They did so today and caught and released several beautiful lakers.
Some people are under the misconception that trout brought to the surface from deep water subsequently die. In fact, lake trout are about the only fish that can make this transition safely. As you pull them skywards they released bubbles from their air bladders. As long as you don't handle them roughly and return them quickly to the water, they are fine.
All lake trout on the Red Lake water system must be released.
Lake trout are making a slow comeback after their numbers dwindled in the late '90s. We still catch dozens of lake trout annually but most are taken in the spring when they are near the surface.

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