Friday, July 18, 2014

Enormous white pelican caught on camera

Bow Narrows Camp angler Paul Stowick is the first person from our camp to get great photographs of a white pelican. He got these shots of the giant bird at the islands between camp and Trout Bay this week.
This bird is so large it boggles the mind.  There is a loon in some of these shots for comparison. Loons are large water birds but seem miniature compared to the pelican.
The white pelican is North America's second-largest bird with a wingspan just under 10 feet. The endangered California condor is the largest.
Pelicans seem to be scouting-out Red Lake the past few years. I've seen at least one each year for the past five seasons. Our guests have reported seeing them over the last 10 years.
They are shallow water feeders, preferring to swim around with their mouths open, scooping up minnows. Red Lake would seem to be too deep for such a tactic but nevertheless, the giant birds are here.


Don Graham said...

Beautiful pelican! Although we see a lot of them in the SF Bay area (brown pelicans) that one is huge! Great camera work.

Anonymous said...

Although a beautiful bird, is it good for Red Lake?
Joe O.