Thursday, June 5, 2014

A day in the life of the "Moose Club"

Bob Preuss with 43-inch pike

First forest fire of the year, as seen from Red lake

Jim Border with 40-inch pike

Loon on the nest
Bob Preuss's group was in camp this week, all vying for membership or renewed membership in the coveted "Moose Club" which requires at least two pike caught and released that are 32-inches or more.
As usual, Bob clicked his camera away on non-fish interests too, including a plume from a forest fire which ignited Wednesday not far from Madsen, near Red Lake. It soared high in the sky until it was attacked by Ministry of Natural Resources firefighters and water bombers.
Northern pike are biting well; so are walleyes, and lake trout, and mosquitoes and black flies.
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