Tuesday, May 6, 2014

View from above indicates fly-in a week away

Open water at the narrows should nearly double in size each day now
The entire west end of Red Lake is frozen except for a spot in front of camp and at Pipestone Narrows. This is a great shot for showing all of the sheltered waters where our anglers will be fishing starting in a couple of weeks. Photos by Hugh Carlson
These great photos by Hugh Carlson show lots of ice at the west end of Red Lake. However, the bit of open water at the green buoy in front of camp and at Pipestone Narrows shows the narrows are opening up. My guess is we should be able to fly into camp by this time next week.
The weather forecast is for very warm, rainy weather the next few days. That should accelerate the melting process.
Our thanks go out to Hugh and Enid from Viking Island Lodge for providing us with the best ice-out information and especially for photos like these.
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