Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Still waiting for ice-out in Red Lake

The water is still a bit  too hard to launch the Lickety Split. Photo by Sherry McCoy
The ice looks sick; it's black and cracked and pieces of it are grinding together. However, it is still out there, at least in the big bays between camp and Red Lake. A big wind would take it out but yesterday and today have been quite calm with drizzling rain.
Will it be out before Saturday, May 24? Probably but not for sure. If we can't boat guests out to camp we will need to fly them. If you don't see anything on the blog about us boating to town before Saturday, call camp and get instructions on how we will fly you out.
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Don. Graham said...

Hope you can start getting some fishing in soon. Good luck and keep all posted.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Roderick is the same?

Anonymous said...

Waiting for great fishing reports. Wishing ice will disappear over night. Watching daily for ice out report. Alabama