Friday, May 9, 2014

Precautions necessary for our new puppy Cork

Let's keep hooks and bait out of sight this summer
Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it is going to take all of us at camp to raise a camp dog.
We're starting all over this season with a new chocolate Lab puppy, Cork. He will be less than six months old when we open camp, full of fun and mischievousness.
Camp is a wonderful place for a puppy to grow up in except for some very dangerous hazards presented by our anglers. These are lures and especially live bait and dead bait such as ciscoes.
We need to keep all of these stowed safely out of sight before coming into camp. A jig with a minnow dangling from it is a tantalizing temptation for a little dog. In fact, so is any lure just twisting and turning in the breeze from anglers' rods leaned up in their boats.
I would like to ask all of you a favour: please take off your lures and put them out of sight in your tackle box before tying up to the dock. And please don't leave chunks of ciscoes or other bait in your boat. It is going to entice Cork to jump in.
Our previous Lab, Sam, had to get a treble hook cut from his stomach. I also had to pull a hook out of his mouth. I've also removed two treble hooks from the feet of a border collie owned by our cook. Someone had left several of their biggest Rapalas just laying on the dock.
Anglers can be very careless about their rods and hooks. I wish we would treat them like loaded guns. We wouldn't leave a loaded gun just laying around and we shouldn't leave lures and bait all over our boats.
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