Friday, May 2, 2014

Northwestern Ontario ice-out report: progress!

Brenda has been on the road the last few days with Laurie Marcil, the executive-director of NOTO (Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario), driving from Thunder Bay, on to Dryden, then Nestor Falls, back to Dryden and then to Red Lake on Saturday. They are attending regional tourism meetings and end it with the Sportsmen's Banquet in Red Lake. Brenda is vice-president of NOTO.
They reported yesterday that small lakes in the Dryden, Lake of the Woods areas, have open water around the edges. Big lakes like Eagle Lake are still completely frozen. All streams are open.
The news about the small lakes is very encouraging. It means the big ones could open up in just a couple of weeks.
The really great news for us on Red Lake, however, comes from Enid Carlson's blog. There is a video there of Hugh Carlson drilling a hole in front of their home at Hammel Narrows on Red Lake. This is something Hugh does about the same time each year.
The video shows Hugh finding just 22 inches of ice or about half of what was there just two weeks ago! He figures to have a floatplane in the Chukuni River next week and predicts that they will be able to fly into their outpost camps and Viking Island on Douglas Lake by the fishing opener, May 17.
That means we at Bow Narrows Camp would also be able to fly-in with Viking Outpost planes.
This is great news!
Brenda promised to bring photos of Red Lake back when she returns Sunday.

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