Friday, April 25, 2014

Just what we didn't need in Nolalu but Red Lake escapes

Up to a foot of snow hit the area around Thunder Bay, Ont., Friday, April 25

Cork has to bound to get around in same place there was grass a few days ago
We got a foot of slushy snow here in Nolalu last night and today! What a bummer!
This is the kind of weather event that is a real kick in the pants when most of last winter's snow had just about melted, at least from the open areas.
It will set back the lake-melting process by at least several days here.
Red Lake, however, dodged this bullet. It only got some rain. Temperatures both there and here are below normal but on the + side of the thermometer.
Despite the colder-than-average days, streams are opening up more or less normally. In the Nolalu area all the rivers are open -- the big Kaministiquia and also small streams like the Whitefish River.
In Red Lake, Jody from Red Lake Marine told me today that there is open water appearing downstream from the Chukuni River bridge on the road to Cochenour and Balmertown. That is the spot we often fly from when we go out to camp by floatplane and which is how we will undoubtedly travel again this year.
I also heard there is open water at the Skookum Bay bridge on the way to the Forestry Point. The bay, however, is still frozen shore to shore.
Those signs of spring are encouraging.
Except for the weather, spring seems to be occurring: geese are flying north, sea gulls are sitting on the lake ice, ruffed grouse are drumming. Jody even saw an otter going down the sidewalk in Red Lake!
Enid Carlson says on her blog that there is actually less snow in Red Lake at this date than last year. She figures ice-out will be late (after May 8) but still in time for fishing season, May 17.
We've got all our fingers crossed -- and our toes!
Lake Superior is going to be another story. The world's largest lake was 98% frozen this winter, the most in recorded history. I heard an expert on the radio today predict that there will probably be ice somewhere in the lake until June!
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Anonymous said...

Dan and Brenda,
Sorry about your snow predicament in Nolalu. Your report on Red Lake sounds encouraging though. Fingrs are crossed!!!
On another note, we are heading for a high of 79 degrees here today. ( Sat. April 26th.) I have mowed grass three times already and it needs to be mowed again as I type this.
Looking forward to yet another fantastic trip for opening week. See you in a few weeks!
Keep the reports coming.
Dave M.

Dan Baughman said...

Hi Dave,
We're envious of your grass cutting. Our lawns have just peaked out from the snow again and aren't even green. We desperately need some days in the 70s F to kick-start the ice-out. They are always two weeks ahead whenever we look at the long-range forecast. Here today it is raining (good) but only about 36 F (not good) and extremely windy (this would be good except it just isn't warm enough to make any difference.)
You might want to inform the others that you better prepare for flying-in.