Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Colorado is the perfect walleye spinner
There is something about this little round metal blade that really turns the crank on walleye.
It is hands-down the favourite among walleye anglers when backtrolling walleye rigs.
It is also my personal go-to rig when I add it to a hair-pin clipped to a jig -- thus creating my own version of the popular BeetleSpin which also has a Colorado blade.
For one thing, it is usually small. Willow-bladed spinner baits, for instance, are just too big for dainty walleye tastes.
And it also spins at very low speeds. It's amazing how many other spinner blades won't spin unless they are fairly ripped through the water. That's too fast for walleye. They like things moving slowly near the bottom.
For walleye, it seems the spinner itself is just an attractant. They see the flash or maybe even feel the rotation of the blade with their lateral lines and move in for a closer look. There just about always must be something edible-looking or actually edible right behind the spinner to elicit a strike.
For anglers at our camp, the morsel is usually a bit of worm or a leech. It could also be a Gulp Alive imitation leech or minnow. On a BeetleSpin rig, it can just be a plastic twister tail.
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