Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You never really fish alone

Hi Dan,
 I know how much you like photos of the beauty that surrounds camp. The last time I was up fishing alone, I was jigging for walleye about 3 minutes from camp. It was a sunny and very calm day. Out of nowhere, this little guy flies right into my boat and doesn't want to leave. Which was fine with me, I liked the company. He initially landed on my depth finder and when I put my finger out, he'd climb aboard with no fear. He would then fly to another part of the boat, and then back by me again! We spent about 1/2 hour together before he said goodbye. As I watched him flutter slowly away, I thought to myself how beautiful this place is. I'm not sure what kind of butterfly my little friend was, but we peacefully enjoyed each others company. Just thought I'd share this.
   Jeff Barg

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1 comment:

Dan Baughman said...

Thanks for this story and photo. I think it's a good example of the peace and beauty that exists all around us whenever we take the time to notice. I believe that's an Admiral butterfly.