Monday, January 20, 2014

The parade of wolves goes on and on

The same camera that caught the group of four wolves (two blogs back) snapped a shot of this very large lone wolf. Then he eventually walked in front of a second camera but nearly got through the frame before it clicked.
This guy is very tall and long and boy, does he ever have a thick coat!
The wolves had been absent all winter until now here at our home in Nolalu.
It won't take them long to scatter or kill the deer that have been living on our property. Then they will move on, at least for awhile until the deer come back again.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like a very big wolf indeed. Do wolves lure a pet dog away like coyotes do? Just wondering?
Is there any way you could e-mail the top photo to me? I'd like to share it with a friend that dearly loves wolves.
Thanks Dan.
Dave M.

Dan Baughman said...

Hi Dave,
Yes, wolves have been known to do that very thing. I have a friend who lost two dogs that way. I wrote that wolves are no danger to humans. That's true but it's a different story with dogs. Our dog is never out of our sight when outdoors and we train him to always stay right at the house.