Friday, December 27, 2013

Speaking of the unending Boreal Forest...

Dark-coloured spruce and jackpine and golden aspen and birches stretch to the horizon

Sadler and Pipestone Bays are two of the places our anglers like to fish
I just checked out some photos sent to me and found these aerial views of the Boreal Forest taken this October between the town of Red Lake and camp. My sister-in-law, Carol Cooper, snapped these out the window of Chimo Airway's Otter on her way into camp.
The top photo gives you some idea of the density of trees, broken only by lakes and in the center, an old beaver pond.
The bottom photo shows the forest around Sadler Bay, in the foreground, with Pipestone Bay in the background. This is a great shot not only for the beauty of the Boreal in the fall but it also shows the sheltered waters where our anglers fish. This spot is only about a five-minute boat ride from camp.
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