Friday, November 22, 2013

Forty years and still counting

Forty years ago this month Brenda and I were married. As you can see from the above photo, taken shortly after the wedding, we haven't changed a bit!
Those were our "hippie" days. The book we are reading was about our Volkswagen Beetle.
I'll always remember making the decision to ask Brenda to marry me. I was guiding for moose hunting at the time and had worked my way through the bush to Foley Lake, south of Trout Bay. Sitting on a rock along the shoreline and contemplating the beauty and solitude of the Boreal Forest my thinking became as clear as the lake water. Although I hadn't been expecting the girl of a lifetime to come waltzing into my life, there she was, right in camp. And she was getting ready to head back to university. So I asked her if she would marry me and as luck would have it, she said yes.
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Kim Gross said...

Obviously, it was a great decision. Happy 40th to both of you!

Dr. "J" said...

Darn near made me cry.
You are a lucky man to have owned a VW Beetle.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dan & Brenda on your upcoming 40th. You are Blessed.
Bow Narrows is a wonderful place to fish, laugh, get close to Nature and enjoy great fellowship with fellow campers. Bow Narrows experience is all of that and more because of the couple that run it. I'm just glad that Brenda was so dazzled by that vest that she said Yes!!
Thanks for the memories.
Larry Pons
P.S. my wife Coyote & I will be celebrating our 40th next June.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Brenda,
Congratulations!!! 40 years seems like yesterday don't it? By the way, you haven't changed a bit.( That picture was just taken this past spring right?) Here's to many more years together.
Dave M.

Anonymous said...

Dan & Brenda, Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. I am thankful that Brenda was able to overlook the VEST and say yes. You both are blessed to have each other. I know because in June my wife Coyote and I are celebrating our 40th.
I and all your guests are thankful that the camp has been operated and nurtured by the two of you. Vest or no Vest Bow Narrows is the Best.

Larry Pons

Anonymous said...

Dan, Congratulations on your anniversary. You have a great gal there in Brenda. Great post and nice moustache! Alan Becker

Anonymous said...

By the way, my wife Margie and I just celebrated 43 years. Boy how time flies!!!! Dave M.