Monday, October 28, 2013

A herculean task completed in 2013

A major accomplishment at camp in 2013 was the replacement of the lodge's rolled roofing with shingles. This was done during the first two weeks of September.
There were 50 years of successive layers of roofing to remove. I estimate the weight of the old rolled roofing to have been at least 25,000 pounds.
We have been replacing all of the roofing on the buildings in camp for the past three years. There are only two cabins still to be done and they will be completed in 2014.
Our son, Josh, came to camp twice last summer and fall to help with construction projects. That's him on the roof of the lodge after the old roofing had been peeled. He is also shown operating our shingle bundle lifter. This is something we invented two years ago to lift bundles of shingles up to the roof. It uses a 12-volt winch and pulley hooked between two 2x6 rails and pulls up a plywood sled that is guided between the rails. It easily lifts two bundles of shingles and can be positioned so that you don't need to bend over on the roof to pick up the shingles.
Also in 2013 we replaced the roofing on Cabin 5, straightened and strengthened its roof, added an awning roof to the rear, and insulated the cabin's ceiling. There were other renovations done to the interior as well.

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