Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yowser! That's a big fish!

Nathan Manni hoists a giant, 41-inch, 20-pound northern pike before releasing it to the waters of Red Lake a few days ago.
The young angler reports he took the behemoth on a spinner bait.
This isn't the first time Nathan has been feted on this blog. He is also known for his walleye-catching skills.
He was here with his mom and dad, Amy and Scott, his younger brother, Josh, and grandpa, Tom. They all did well on walleye which is really this family's specialty. As I heard it, mom Amy got the largest walleye, a 27-incher. But get this, Josh caught a 30-inch walleye back in Minnesota before even coming to Red Lake!
There were a lot of big northern pike taken at camp last week. The weather has "smartened up" and the fish are settling back into their favourite haunts.

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