Monday, July 8, 2013

Sample of the size pike anglers are catching

I certainly don't show photos on this blog of all the big fish people are catching. If I did there would be nothing else but a photo of virtually everybody who comes here, holding up a big one for the camera. But I do include photos of fish from time to time as an indication of what is happening. These three shots are a good example.
Al Andrin had not been to our camp in many years after coming here yearly as a kid with his dad. This time he brought his wife, Sandi, and family to see what fishing is all about.
As usually happens, Sandi caught the biggest fish -- a 44-inch pike. Son Ethan got a 38-incher in town before they even came out to camp! Al got a 32-incher which is also a great fish.
Everybody who spends time at pike fishing seems to get some in the 30+inches and some even in the 40s.
Fishing the entire summer has been some of the best we have ever seen. Lots of walleyes, including big ones, and lots of pike like these in the photos.
The weather has been beautiful. We are having mostly dry weather with daytime temps 70-80 F and nighttime temps in the 50s.

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