Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Two new members of the "Moose Club"

Doug Oslund, top, and Earl Vorpagel joined the Bob Preuss group "Moose Club" by each boating northern pike greater than 33 inches in length this week.
A regular member of the club watched from the shoreline.
Fishing has been more difficult this week than last although far more walleye are now being caught. I believe the difficulty in catching pike this week comes from the fact almost no one is using dead bait. Last week everyone fished with frozen ciscoes.
The water is still colder than normal for this time of year and that has meant the pike aren't as aggressive and not striking artificials as much as stationary dead bait. Still, as the photos above attest, many large pike are still being caught.

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Amy O. said...

We're glad to see you made the club! Way to go!