Sunday, June 9, 2013

The walleye bite is "on"

Very large catches of walleye were taken today.
One boat reported catching about 100 in a few hours.
Anglers are reporting that the walleyes they are catching are all sizes with plenty of near-18-inchers for eating and lots in the 20s that they are releasing.
Favorite live baits are worms and leeches.
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1 comment:

Steve Ozark said...

It's true. This was our 40th year fishing Red Lake and we've never caught so many slot and trophy pike. Most everyone in camp practices catch and release and I'm confident that is the reason. Suspending lures worked best for us with the cold water, and my bro' did well on live/dead baits. As the water warms and the fish get more active, moving lures should work well.