Monday, June 17, 2013

My Father's Day outing

I took up the offer of our son, Josh, to let him do my chores at camp yesterday afternoon while Sam and I went fishing. It was the first time I wet a line this year.
As usual, I spend as much time photographing nature as fishing and was lucky to see this black bear feeding on grass along the shore.
I got snagged on a bush and when I went near shore to get free discovered a small patch of pink Lady Slipper orchids.
In another instance I moved close to shore to inspect some grass flowers and saw that the entire bog was covered with newly emerged dragonflies, drying their wings. As far as I can determine, these are Spiny Basket Tail dragonflies.
Oh yeah, I also caught 10 northern pike and two perch.

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Mark D. said...

Your father's day experience was one very close to my heart. I have never seen that flower before. Thanks for posting. Cheers