Sunday, June 30, 2013

Marking and recognizing rocks and reefs

Bleach jug marks reef that is far from nearest shoreline
The reef is also shown on the map we provide
We advise all our boaters to idle away from the shore to a distance of at least 100 feet before picking up speed. That way they will be assured of being in deep water.
The west end of Red Lake where we do our fishing is generally very predictable for rocks and reefs. If you see a long, flat point of land, you can expect the water to be shallow at the end of the point. Give these places a wide berth. Shorelines with steep rock faces are deep.
There are a few places, however, where there are "surprise" hazards. I try to mark these with white bleach jugs in those places where boats are likely to travel.
It is impossible for me to mark every rock in the lake, especially the hundreds within 100 feet of shore. However, all the hazards are show on the maps we provide to our guests.
If you are new to our camp, always check your planned travel route beforehand for hazards.
If you avoid boating near shore, cutting between islands and taking "shortcuts" across points, you will be in the clear.

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