Monday, June 3, 2013

Cool photos and people

You will probably need to click on the panorama photo supplied by Chad Dercks to enlarge it and get a better view of this beautiful scene. Chad was here last week with eight other members of the Dercks clan. Many of them contributed photos from their trip to Chad's computer montage.
This was the Dercks family's first trip to Bow Narrows and they reported on leaving that the nine of them had boated 90 northern pike that were 30 inches or longer. That is very impressive and speaks to the fishing ability of this family.
The second photo shows long-time Bow Narrows angler Steve Ozark showing his affection toward a beautiful lake trout, one of many taken at camp last week. Steve and his family also caught a lot of fish -- lake trout, pike and walleye. Steve left a comment about their trip on the previous blog entry.
Last week ended with a ferocious spring storm that saw temperatures plummet to near freezing. There was also a hard, driving rain. The weather seemed to stun the fish for a couple of days; however, yesterday and today were sunny and warmer and the fish are starting to bite well again.
Overall it has been a sunny spring but cooler than normal. I don't think we have reached a normal daytime high since we have been in camp.
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1 comment:

Terry Dercks said...

Great blog on Dercks family thanks to Bow Narrows camp for a great week with my brothers & nephews. Terry Dercks