Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We are in camp!

North end of Howey Street, Red Lake, showing old ice road
Me, Tom, Sam and Sophie were on first trip. Brenda, Rebekah and all our gear came on the second
Large crack across the Forestry Stretch shows ice pans are grinding
Pipestone Bay also has a large crack, running toward Cole's hill
Our open water landing strip is the piece with the small island, top left
Scene from Cabin 8 after thunderstorm
We flew into camp this morning as planned. There was just enough water for our pilot, Will, to set down Viking Outposts' Beaver aircraft.  The lake is covered with ice, even shallow bays like Middle and Sadler and Pipestone Narrows; however, since we have been in camp there have been several thunderstorms and hard, warm rains. The ice is totally black and sick. It looks like one big wind would clear it out.
We also saw big cracks across the big bays and ice had piled up along these, indicating the ice sheets were moving. It is ready to go!
Due to the fact we have very little diesel fuel we will only operate the generator for a few hours each day. If you need to reach us, send an e-mail (best) or leave a message on the phone and we will get back to you whenever we are up and running.
Moose spent the winter in camp, as usual. Their marbles and tracks are evidence. We've also seen lots of beavers and goldeneye ducks.
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