Friday, May 24, 2013

Sunny, windy weather; great pike fishing; busy, busy

The ice may have gone out Sunday but we couldn't get to town to get the Lickety Split until Wednesday as the wind and waves were too high. Now we are all working almost around the clock trying to get camp ready for the big group due in this weekend.
In short, northern pike fishing is fantastic for those people using dead bait. They have caught lots and lots of huge pike.
No one has tried fishing for walleye so I don't have any reports about it.
The lake is still icy cold.
We have had plenty of sunny days but the high winds coming off the cold lake has made it feel brisk. Today, however, was sunny and calm. I used the occasion to bring in a week's supply of gasoline and new outboard motors. Tomorrow I go for propane and groceries. We still have docks to put in position -- couldn't do it in the high winds. And, oh yes, there are still broken water lines to fix. Don't you just love late ice-outs? I know I don't.
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