Friday, May 10, 2013

Sooner or later, we'll see this again at camp

The morning view from Cabin 3 at Bow Narrows Camp
Early risers at camp are treated to spectacular sunrises
Bow Narrows angler Terry Matson took these sunrise photos of the narrows in front of Bow Narrows Camp last year. If only the ice would get out of the way, we would be awakened to these inspiring scenes again.
 Although the ice is slow to leave us this spring, everything else is on schedule. The quaking aspen trees have produced their spring catkins; all the summer perching birds are here; butterflies are on the wing; bugs are crawling around. The snow is gone.
I fully expect that walleye and northern pike are spawning. They couldn't care less if there is ice covering most of the lake, just as long as the fast-flowing creeks - in the case of walleye -- and the backs of weedy bays -- for northern pike -- are open. As Hugh and Enid Carlson's recent photos  in previous blogs have shown, all those places are ice-free.
There is wonderfully warm weather in the 14-day forecast, starting Tuesday now. Previously it was supposed to warm up starting Sunday. It would take some incredible combination of events to rid the lake of ice by the start of fishing season May 19: hard, warm rain; high temperatures and then a rip-roaring wind. More likely there will be ice for up to a week after opening day. We'll see.
If you are booked into the second week of the season at Bow Narrows Camp, arriving May 25 or May 26, you should start now figuring how to lessen your weight of things you bring with you as we may need to fly you into camp over the ice. If that is the case you will be restricted to 100 pounds per person.
Hopefully we will be using our boat, the Lickety Split, but just in case it doesn't hurt to be prepared. We will contact you by telephone several days ahead if it looks like you will need to fly.
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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the sunrises are spectacular! I have a few great shots myself!