Saturday, May 11, 2013

Melting taking place at the dock in Red Lake

May 11, Red Lake Marine, Photo by Sherry McCoy
It's very cold in Red Lake today, just barely above freezing and windy, but there is still open water appearing around our dock at Red Lake Marine.
Sherry McCoy from the marina just sent us this shot.
The ice looks pretty sick -- dark and slushy.
There are some really warm days in the forecast this week, starting Tuesday. I see from Pakwash Camp's blog that things are opening up at Trout River. Pakwash is downstream of Red Lake and usually opens up earlier, probably similar to Gullrock Lake.
Some balmy spring days could send the ice away for good.
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Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about Birch Lake ??? Will the ice be going out on that lake about the same time as your lake a?

Steve Ozark said...

We'll be ready with our winter woolies! I told my son that his lunker will be in the shallows and feeders especially the north bays. That thought will keep him warm.

Dan Baughman said...

Sorry, I don't know about Birch Lake. Try Green Airways.