Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wilson's Fine Foods, right on your way in Ear Falls

Here is a grocery option available to our Housekeeping Plan guests that I bet many don't know about, especially those arriving Sunday morning.
Forty minutes south of Red Lake is Wilson's Fine Foods in Ear Falls right on Highway 105, the Red Lake Road. I called owner Dave Wilson this winter to see if our guests who arrive early Sunday could somehow get their groceries at his store. Absolutely, he said. He explains how in this e-mail.

"Hi Dan.  It was a pleasure to speak with you and sometime on your way through drop in and say hi.  We would love to assist you in any way over the summer and are willing to do all we can to make your life easier.  Our hours of operation are Mon - Wed 8:00 - 6:00, Thurs - Fri 8:00 - 8:00, Sat 8:00 - 6:00, and closed on Sunday.  My contact information is as follows. 
Wilsons' Fine Foods
Box 940  Ear Falls   ON
P0V 1T0
Phone (807)222-1080
Fax   (807)222-1082
cell  (807)728-1487
home  (807)222-3588
As I said we are willing to assist you and your customers in any way possible to make their stay the absolute best experience.  Just by way of information, we do offer to put the orders together if they want to fax or email the order ahead and then all they need to do is stop and pick it up. 
All the best for the upcoming season. 
Dave "
So you could have your groceries packed and waiting for you at Wilson's and just pick up your order on your way through town. Forty minutes later you are at the dock in Red Lake, ready to head to camp.
I asked Dave if he would be willing to open up early Sunday if someone needed to pick up their order then and he said sure, just call him on his cell or at home.
Dave, we applaud your dedication to service!
To be fair, I think you better let him know ahead of time how early you intend to be there. The earliest the Lickety Split can pick you up is 9 a.m. so you really don't need to pick up your groceries any earlier than about 8 a.m.
That is a great option for housekeeping guests arriving early Sunday.  The supermarket in Red Lake doesn't open until 10 a.m. on Sunday.
You could spend Saturday evening at an Ear Falls motel too. There is the Trillium Motel (807)-222-3126 or e-mail:

 Just as with Red Lake motels, make your reservations now. These places are very busy, not only with fishermen but with construction workers and mining exploration outfits.
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