Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to use snow scoops to haul firewood

Two snow scoops make a tandem-toboggan for hauling firewood
I decided to take advantage of the late spring by cutting firewood on "the back forty" and sliding it out on the snow to our house.
Years ago I discovered this system to transport the wood. It uses two snow scoops that are tied together as shown in the photos.
Base of one handle is tied to handgrip of other
I've never found a better method to move lengths of wood by hand. It beats toboggans which don't carry more than a single log at a time and tip over easily, and sleds whose runners always sink into the snow.
It is best to pull out standing dry wood in this manner because it weighs so much less. You can really heap the scoops with such wood.
Here I am pulling out green birch which is exceedingly heavy. I can only move a few lengths of these bruisers at a time.  Fortunately, most of the trip to the clearing where our house is located is downhill.
For dry wood I would haul eight-foot lengths. For green birch, I haul six-footers.
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