Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Angler already catches big one in Green Bay

Jeff Kinzenbaw just caught and released this 29 incher
Bow Narrows angler Jeff Kinzenbaw just sent me this photo and e-mail.
"I had to send you this picture!  I do believe it is the heaviest walleye I've ever caught. (had a few that were longer) We've been fishing pre-spawn walleye in one of the rivers here near Green Bay WI and catching great fish about every outing.  This one was between 12-13lbs (I'm guessing) and right around 29" long.  She was promptly released after a quick photo!"
What a beauty, Jeff!
What I would like to know is, did you catch her through the ice or is there open water there already?
There will be no problem to ice fish up here until the end of the season, April 15. Last year people were boat fishing by that point.
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joe overman said...

what is the ice outlook for the opening week?
Joe overman

Dan Baughman said...

Hi Joe,
That's still more than a month away, so there is nothing that is known for sure.
My guess, however, is that ice-out is going to be closer to opening day than it has been in at least a decade. My best guess is May 8-12. We may be flying you guys over the ice to camp.