Thursday, February 21, 2013

A fisherman of a different feather

Ken Lehmann captured a belted kingfisher watching for minnows from a perch of jackpine while at camp last summer.
If it spots a meal the kingfisher dives with a big splash and emerges with its prey crosswise in its bill. It usually then flies away to its nest which it makes by carving round holes in the sides of clay banks along the lakeshore.
Sometimes when you are fishing you unintentionally "drive" these beautiful birds from cove to cove ahead of you as you troll or cast. They usually fly away with a scolding chatter as if they are giving you a piece of their mind for interrupting their work. Eventually, they loop back around you and go back to where they began.
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Doug Billings said...

Great photo! The only time I ever see these awesome birds is exactly the way you described them, Dan, in-flight and away. I have photographed about every creature Red Lake has to offer, except the Kingfisher. He just won't stay still long enough for me to catch him in my lens. I will keep trying! Doug Billings

Dan Baughman said...

I second that experience. I've never taken a photo of a kingfisher either.
Nice shot, Ken!