Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 Habits of our happiest fishermen (and women)

No sooner do I write about habits of successful fishermen (see blog entry below) than I must add that success in catching fish is not the only, probably not even the most important, reason our guests come to Bow Narrows Camp. In other words, there is more to a great fishing trip than just catching fish.
The thing to remember is, there is no right or wrong way to take a trip to Bow Narrows. If you come strictly for fish, fine, this is the place. However, a great many people, especially those who have been coming here for decades, would say there are other reasons they come here too. These are some of those things.

1. Enjoy solitude
It is easy to find serenity in this quiet, beautiful country where there are no roads
2. Share time with family and friends
3. Connect with nature
This probably should be stated "re-connect" with nature. We're all a part of nature, we just forget that fact sometimes when our lives become so busy and stressful. There's a good feeling you get when you realize that the loon swimming beside your boat has accepted you as just another creature on the lake.
4. The vacation begins the moment you leave home
The stories and jokes you tell in the car or truck, the stops at eateries and motels, animals and scenery that you see -- these are all enjoyable moments.
5. Listen
The primordial calls of loons, waves lapping against the shore, whispering tree leaves in the wind, young beavers squeaking to each other -- these are experiences you can miss if you aren't quiet yourself.
6. Explore
There are places that even our oldest customers have not fished. It's exhilarating to go to a different place on the lake not knowing what you will find
7. Mix the old with the new
Everyone has their favourite methods and lures for fishing. Just for fun, try a technique or lure that you've never used before, like surface plugs for northern pike or crankbaits for walleyes. This can start at home by the purchase of a "wacky" lure which sometimes works so well it is the talk of the camp.
8. Tell jokes
You know how there are places where it seems no one wants to have a good laugh, well this isn't one of them. Everyone here is primed for leg-pullers, belly-laughs and giggles.
9. Forget about time
Here time is measured by sunrise and sunset, not by numbers.
10. Check out the night sky
There are some awesome things to see at night here where there is no light pollution, things like northern lights, meteors and more stars and constellations than you may ever have seen before. You might just hear owls and wolves howling too.

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