Saturday, January 19, 2013

My preferred knot for Knot2Kinky leader wire

Clinch Knot from Knot2Kinky website
I prefer this Clinch Knot when tying the Knot2Kinky nickel-titanium leader wire.
The Aquateko company recommends several knots on the back of the Knot2Kinky wire package and this one, I find, ties the easiest, draws together the best and doesn't kink.
This unique wire can be tied like fishing line but it takes some practice. In particular it is important to note where to pull to draw the knot. It shows how in this illustration.
I like this material in the six-pound test because it is ultra-thin and can be used for walleye fishing. That's not a misprint, WALLEYE fishing. Why would you use a leader for walleye fishing? Because it prevents northern pike from cutting your line. You will start boating those 20-pound pike that have been getting away all these years. And the 6-pound version of this line is hair-thin, thinner even than your line. It isn't going to spook any walleyes away.
You can also get 12-pound test or other weights to match your fishing line when fishing for northern pike. One of the really stupid things we have been doing is buying steel leaders that were heavier than our fishing line.What's the sense of having a chunk of "cable" on the end of our thin fishing line, right where it attaches to our lures?
Always make sure that your snap and swivel are sized according to the leader weight: i.e. small snaps for six pound, larger for 12 pound.

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