Wednesday, January 30, 2013

300 horsepower in forward, 60 in reverse

Twin 150 hp Honda outboards are the same as in Honda Accord autos
At first glance, that seems to be what is happening here but actually this is how we take our 20 hp Honda outboards between our dealer in Red Lake and the camp.
The 20s will fit right on the forward edge of the splash tray of the Lickety Split. This is a great way of carrying them because they stay upright and there's no chance of oil spilling from these four-stroke engines. Also, it prevents the cowlings from getting scratched by the diamond-cote, non-skid surface of the Lickety Split deck.
The Lickety Split was custom-made for us by ZagFab boat makers in Riverton, Manitoba. This brand is famous from Northwestern Ontario through the Prairies and all the way up to the Arctic for its rugged, maintenance-free work boats.
With twin 150-hp engines on the stern, lots of people think we must be the fastest boat on the lake. It's pretty quick, that's for sure, but the Lickety Split is really made for hauling big loads and handling big waves in addition to moving at a fast clip. There are certainly faster boats around but none that can carry such a big load while cruising at over 30 mph.
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