Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Evening at Bow Narrows always a magical time

"Did you see that thunderhead over Pipestone Bay? It was like a mushroom cloud!"

"What about that sunset! Wasn't it spectacular!"

That could be the conversation any night at camp. If it isn't the sky that is awe-inspiring, it's the fish that was caught and released or the moose that came so close to the boat or all of the above.

People gather in the yard or in the lodge or the fish house and the stories just fly. Evenings are really special here.

Everyone tells about the day's events and the wonders that they saw. It's so serene, so beautiful. Then somebody cracks a joke and the whole place erupts in laughter.

As everyone retires to their cabins, maybe just to their screened porches where they put their feet up and listen to the symphony of loons calling back and forth , the stresses of everyday life are a million miles away.

"Hey, are those northern lights? calls someone from the inky blackness of the yard.

Everyone bails out of the cabin to find the caller is right. Hanging overhead like a shimmering neon curtain is Nature's own light show.

Eventually, of course, you realize that you must go to bed or you'll never be ready for tomorrow. You drift off with the sounds of loons yodeling, toads trilling and Joe snoring in the next room.

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Anonymous said...

HEY!!! I don't snore. I stayed up all night to make sure!!
Joe O.

Kim Gross said...

I took a picture of that same thunder cloud, which I framed. I know it was the same one because the features are identical. The only difference is the location. I took mine looking toward Trout Bay from the entrance to West Narrows. That thing was huge!