Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Timber wolves begin whitetail deer hunt

timber wolf, Nolalu, Ont., 2011
whitetail deer, Nolalu, 2011

No sooner do I speculate that it's time for timber wolves to appear on the scene to go after the whitetail deer behind our house than my trail camera catches that very scenario.

These photos were taken one day apart.

The wolf is just a medium-size one. Since it carries its tail down we can figure it is not the alpha male or female in the pack.

There are five deer in the other photo. Part of one deer can be seen over the back of the one in the foreground.

These deer were not coming into a feeding station or anything like that. They were just traveling in a group along one of our snowshoe trails.

The photos were taken about 100 yards from our house. So far no wolves have come into the clearing by the house. I hope it stays that way.

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