Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caribou tufting one of our cabin's wall hangings

There are some interesting things hanging on the walls of the cabins at Bow Narrows Camp.

Several cabins have antlers or animal rugs on the walls. Others have paintings (some of them originals) but others are prints.

Cabin #1 has this interesting depiction of a barren land caribou.

I wonder if many people know that the image itself is made of caribou?

This art form is called "tufting," and it is practised by First Nations people in Canada, especially those in the Far North.

The animal shape is created with actual caribou hair which is intricately sewn to the canvas on the rear side.
Click here for a great website from Nunavut, the large territory in Canada's eastern Arctic, that explains the art of tufting.

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