Sunday, April 4, 2010

Whitefish Lake ice on April 3 and day later, April 4

Whitefish Lake April 3, 2010
Ice-out April 4, 2010, Whitefish Lake, ON

Here's a good example of how quick ice can clear from a lake.

The first photo shows Whitefish Lake yesterday, April 3. The lake is full of ice but a high wind is starting to move the ice sheet around and drive the ice up on the shoreline.

The second photo is the same place today, April 4. The lake is clear of ice and the only remnants are piled high along the shores.

This is right near our home in Nolalu, about 300 miles southeast of Red Lake. As an example of how early ice-out is this year, most seasons ice fishermen crowd onto Whitefish Lake on April 15 as the last day of walleye season and then the ice breaks up two weeks to a month later. This year they can put a boat in the water and fish before the season ends.

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