Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Massive lake trout caught and released in '09

Bow Narrows Camp angler Ken Conkle hoists a 42.5-inch lake trout which he caught and released last August in the photo at top.

Ken is also the guy holding a whopper of a northern pike on the home page of our website. That fish was also released.

All lake trout caught in Red Lake must be released. The trout are not reproducing correctly and a program has been ongoing for several years where the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources nets wild trout in the fall near Bow Narrows Camp, strips them of eggs and milt and raises them in a hatchery. The fingerlings are released 18 months later.

In the bottom photo MNR biologist Lori Skitt holds a male trout caught during the spawning project last fall. Bow Narrows Camp staffer Jeremy Baldwin in the background helped with the netting.

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Pakwash Lake Camp, Kim Budweg said...

What a great fish to see in Red Lake! I enjoy your Blog.

Dan B. said...

Hi Kim,
Yes, it is good to see the lake trout are holding their own. We got another 40+incher early in the season and many in the 30s but most importantly, our anglers also caught and released a bunch of small trout the first couple weeks last year. These were 22-25 inches and would be five years old or less. None of them were the stocked fish which can be identified by a clipped fin. So the trout are either reproducing on their own or are hatching from the MNR incubation boxes where they put wild, fertilized eggs in boxes around various places of Red Lake.