Sunday, March 14, 2010

Serenity and beauty found on a short kayak trip

Helena Spizarsky, a young woman who worked for us a couple of years ago, had a wonderful eye for nature and took this photo while on a solo kayak paddle from camp.

It reminds me of a Japanese painting -- stark but beautiful. We have a couple of kayaks and a couple of canoes for guests or staff to use at camp. If you want to see nature close-up, go for a paddle in the morning or evening.

If you are unfamiliar, say, with sea kayaking, just ask and we'll give you some instruction.

The staff do most of the kayaking at camp, mostly, I think, because they're young and not afraid to use some muscle power.

Sea kayaks are more stable than canoes. Once you are seated in one it is very difficult to flip it. You really have to try to make them upset.

Despite their stability, we insist everybody who uses a canoe or kayak wear a life vest.

Frankly, it should be the law for all boats, like wearing a seatbelt in a car.

The neat thing about kayaking is you can paddle right beside the shoreline, and so, see things that weren't visible from farther away where the boats must travel.

And, of course, you are silent, so you see birds and animals that would shy away from a boat with a motor.

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