Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make sure to bring some Len Thompson spoons

Len Thompson Five of Diamonds

Len Thompson made of brass

Canadian-made Len Thompson spoons are absolutely among the very best for catching all species of fish in Red Lake, Ontario.

From left are No. 0 (5/8 oz), No. 00 (1/2 oz) and No. 6 (1/7 oz).

The first two are just the ticket for catching northern pike. The tiny little No. 6 is an oddity but I include it here for its ability to catch walleye.

The color pattern shown -- yellow with five red diamonds -- is known far and wide simply as the Five of Diamonds.

It really is great.

But then so is the nickel (silver), nickel and blue, hammered brass and orange, brass, and red-and-white.

The itty bitty spoon shown above is actually not a Five of Diamonds but a chartreuse and hot red model. We've caught walleye on the No. 6 Five of Diamonds but I'm sure this one would work as well.

What makes Len Thompsons so much better than many rival spoons is shown in the photo of the undersides. These spoons are made of thick brass. This makes them heavier for their size than a steel spoon; so, they run deeper -- down in the strike zone.

I'll mention other great spoon brands in the next few blogs.

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